Getting Started on TestDrive: Usernames, Passwords, and Bios, Oh My!

This lesson will help teach students how to choose smart usernames and passwords when they create accounts on social media sites (and other kinds of websites too). It also serves to get students oriented on Social Media TestDrive.

Smart Self-Presentation

This lesson will help build smart self-presentation and self-disclosure skills. Students will learn about the different audiences that might see what they post online, and think about the things they share and the way they present themselves to others.

Stopping Cyberbullying

This lesson will help students learn to detect signs of cyberbullying, and let them practice reacting appropriately if they do detect it. It builds on work that promotes "upstanding" behavior in cyberbullying situations.

Information Literacy

Evaluating the quality and veracity of facts and detecting fake news are vital skills for today's youth. This lesson will help teach students to find and critically assess facts and data they find on social media sites, and to help others do the same.

COMING SOON: The Power of Likes

Likes are a common way to show appreciation on social media sites. But sometimes people focus more on getting likes than on actually liking others. This lesson will help students think critically about what likes are, what it means to "like" something, and how to distinguish between popularity and quality of social media content.

COMING SOON: Self Esteem and Self Image

Social media sites, especially image-heavy ones, have received a lot of criticism for harming users' self-esteem. This lesson will encourage critical thinking about how we compare our real selves to others' carefully curated social media images of themselves.