The design of Social Media TestDrive is guided by learning theories that were proven effective to help students learn. To enhance user experience, we use a design-based research approach to continuously identify room for improvement, develop and test new features to address the needs of different user groups. Therefore, research is an integral part of the development of TestDrive and is an ongoing effort by our team. We would love your participation in our ongoing and future research to help us improve this platform.

Please fill in this survey if you are interested in giving us feedback or participate in our future research. We will contact you directly when there are research opportunities.

Participate in Our Ongoing Research

April 2021-Mid May 2021: Knowledge outcome evaluation study

This study will evaluate the effectiveness of Social Media TestDrive by measuring students’ knowledge level after they learn with some modules related to social media literacy topics. Please click here to learn more about this study and how you can participate, or email us at