Take your children on a “Test Drive” for social media

Social Media TestDrive modules are designed so that youth can complete them by themselves, but we encourage parents to try out and discuss Social Media TestDrive with their children.

Teach your children about social media, risk-free

Each Social Media TestDrive module teaches a set of digital citizenship concepts within a safe and protected platform. Young people can practice important social media skills without worrying about negative consequences.

Learn, explore, and reflect on key concepts

Each Social Media TestDrive module has four key sections: Tutorial, Guided activity, Free play, and Reflection. There is a quiz after the learners complete the module. This design gives young people the opportunity to learn, explore, and reflect on, and assess their understanding of key social media concepts, definitions, and prosocial behaviors.

Watch this video created by Common Sense Education to learn more about the Social Media TestDrive platform and modules.

We care about your child’s privacy

Social Media TestDrive does not collect or store any personal information. Young people are able to create a profile, but all data is permanently deleted once users finish a module or leave the Social Media TestDrive website.

We take privacy and safety seriously; see our privacy policy for more details.

Do you have more questions?

Check out our FAQ for more details about how parents and guardians can use Social Media TestDrive, or contact us using the e-mail below.

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